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46. Moonstream

We're joined by the founder of Moonstream, Neeraj, as he delves into the world of sustainable blockchain game economies. Learn about the challenges of decentralizing a community and the role of game design in web3 games. #blockchain #web3games #metaverse

45. Speed round

In episode 45, the team talks about the latest developments in the crypto world and the implications of the justice department seizing 500k from North Korean ransomware actors. Get ready for a fast-paced episode!

44. Dirtyhash

Discover the risks and potential applications of recommendation tokens in the world of growing US regulations with guest speaker Amit Verma from Dirtyhash.com.

43. Pooja

Guest speaker Pooja Ranjan, Herder-in-chief at Ethereum Cat Herders, discusses how the Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) process has evolved over time and how to make the community more reflective of the world.

42. International NFT Day

Discover the history and evolution of NFTs as the hosts celebrate International NFT Day. Learn about the latest token standards and how NFTs could come to China.

41. Phygital NFTs

Join the Community Service team as they explore the world of phygital NFTs. Learn about how NFTs that redeem for physical things work and discover the exciting new Rawlings NFT project launching tomorrow. #NFTs #Phygital

40. Teaching kids to code

Learn about the connection between gaming and open source, the potential of the metaverse, and the challenge of creating a readable language for smart contracts in episode 40 of the podcast.

39. The Merge

NVIDIA has a plan for a POW Ethereum fork, and the discussion goes through the incentives and challenges surrounding it. Who benefits from it and how it can affect the industry?

38. OpenZeppelin Contracts ECDSA bug

Investigating the ECDSA bug in OpenZeppelin Contracts and searching for vulnerabilities in smart contracts. Will a zero day be found?

37. Royalties, optional?

What happens when the transfer of ownership is tied to the payment of royalties? Tune in as we dive into NFT royalties and the different ways they can be enforced on-chain and off-chain.

36. The Solidity Bug 0.8.16

The Solidity bug is back and our team is on it! Join them in reviewing the latest contract updates and minifying the bug case. Find out what they discover in the world of decentralized apps.

35. Nomad hack

Exploring the recent hack on Nomad and discussing the transaction malleability issue in the world of cryptocurrency. Tune in to find out what happened to Nomad and what this means for the future of blockchain security.

34. All about rollups

Explore the limits of Ethereum and learn about optimistic and zero-knowledge proof rollups. Discover the major limitation of ZKP and its impact on NFTs.

33. What happens when I get hacked?

Find out what to do when your NFT gets stolen and how to prevent scams in the crypto marketplace on this episode of Community Service Hour.

32. Utility

Explore the use of NFTs for securing physical items, property titles, and real-life non-art NFT use cases in Episode 32 of the podcast. #NFTs #Blockchain

31. Supply finance

Join William Entriken and Daniel Tedesco as they explore the intersection of NFTs and luxury goods, the challenges of transitioning from web2 to web3 development, and the potential of using web3 technology in supply chain finance. They also discuss the ERC-721 transfer event exception and the cheapest NFT platform for teaching kids.

30. Floor price control

In this episode, the hosts discuss the concept of floor price control in NFT marketplaces. They explore different scenarios such as centralized, walled garden, and optimistic approaches to implementing floor prices, and the potential legal and regulatory considerations. They also touch on the topic of Islamic banking and finance, and the use of referral fees to mitigate gas costs.

29. Live at NFT.nyc

Join Will Warren and special guest co-host Ian Utile as they reflect on four years of NFTs and look back at the first NFT.nyc conference in 2018. They discuss the evolution of the NFT space and the current state of interoperability and bridge technology. Discover what they believe the future holds for NFTs and the potential of Web 2.5.

28. Soulbound

In this episode, we discuss soulbound tokens, its characteristics, and how it connects to a soul. We also talk about China's social credit system and the use cases of soulbound tokens.

27. Episode 27—Evil ownerOf

We talk about OpenSea insider trading charge, facts, legal analysis, allow list to your (testnet) beta testers, beer of the day, make your own bridge (simple, insecure), drops with random timing, cross chain minting by centralizing, and Evil ownerOf.

26. Vj Deliria

Special guest VjDeliria joins the show to discuss the Latin American NFT community, Avalanche and Algorand's impact in the region, and different funding models for open source projects.

25. Play to Earn?

In this episode, we discuss the MetaMask JavaScript scam and the solution to it, as well as the concept of NFT "whitelist" and why "play-to-earn" games fail.

24. Living with Will

In episode 24, we have a special guest Living with Will. We discuss membership NFTs and utility, including how they can be used for gated access on Discord. We also talk about the ability to change NFT metadata, and the potential implications of this. We also address Vitalik's recent tweets about the energy use of blockchain, and compare it to Jared Diamond's book Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive.

23. Terra

In episode 23, we discuss Terra, an algorithmic stable coin, and how it could drop 30%. We also talk about multiple slurps on a Bored Ape, Larva Labs and OpenSea. Join us for a deep dive into the world of algorithmic stable coins and the art world of NFTs.

22. What is Community Service Hour?

In episode 22, we talk about the NFT.nyc speech and the progress of the group so far. We also discuss technical contract questions, including how to distribute tokens for a decentralized project and how to do a post-mortem for NFT getting hacked. Join us for valuable insights on Community Service Hour and the world of NFTs.

21. Breaking into the industry

In episode 21, we share tips on how to break into the blockchain and Web3 industry. We also discuss how to find and position yourself for an internship in Web3. Join us for valuable insights on getting started in open source and boosting your profile.

20. DAO vote hacking

In episode 20, we discuss the recent Beanstalk hack, where vote buying was used to steal over $182 million from the DAO. We also delve into the security of bridges and the ratio of assets under management versus the size of the army watching the vault. Additionally, we examine the iron triangle of decentralized, scalable and secure systems, and why PoS is more centralized than PoW.

19. Reentrancy

In episode 19, we discuss the recent Wolf Game reentrancy attack and its implications. We also cover Omnichain, the reason why bridges and L2s keep getting hacked, and the different types of vulnerabilities in bridges. Join us for valuable insights on reentrancy and security in the blockchain space.

18. I got hacked now what?

In episode 18, we talk about what to do if you get hacked. We also share tips on how to create a smart contract, review NFT platforms and dive into the topic of incident response. Join us as we discuss the most damage possible with one malicious Ethereum transaction and how to prepare for possible attacks.

17. KYC tokens, ±ratings tokens

In episode 17, we're discussing the play-to-earn trend in crypto. We review projects like DeFi Kingdoms, DeFi Land, and Formula E High Voltage. We also explore NFT tokens for compliance (KYC) and their role in white-listing, proof of X, and badges. Plus, we delve into non-transferrable fungible tokens and their use in token curated registries and rating smart contracts. Don't miss out on valuable insights and predictions for the future of crypto! Watch the video now and join the conversation.

16. OpenSea API tricks, production fix

In episode 16, we share tips on how to use the OpenSea API, including how to get an API key and firehose access. We also discuss how to fix production applications and share updates on our Solidity Template. Join us for valuable insights on using the OpenSea API and solving production issues.

15. Airdrops, privacy, ransomware

In episode 15, we discuss topics such as infrastructure components for setting up a Web3 project in the enterprise, making access lists, doing a big airdrop, using centralized images for NFTs, using indexers for NFTs, doxing private information on the blockchain, crypto supporting ransomware, and how to get your first open-source commit into the Solidity project.

14. All about style

In episode 14, we discuss topics such as the future of blog posts, the new blog, NFTs as securities, Will promoting smoking, picking a web3 lawyer, launching a project in a specific country, and more.

13. The predictions episode

In episode 13, we're diving into predictions for the future of crypto. Will NFTs crash in 2022? We explore the potential challenges facing this emerging market. We also review the Super Bowl LVI commercials and give our hot takes on projects like Immutable X, chains like Solana, and the future of DAOs. Plus, learn how to get involved full-time in open source, the pros and cons of hackathons, and the best YouTube channels for crypto info. Don't miss out on valuable insights and predictions for the future of crypto! Watch the video now and join the conversation.

3. Area smart contract review

This week we review the Area NFT smart contract, discuss the Tesla Model T, and how to find all your tokens on OpenSea for a collection and transfer them at the lowest cost with nft.life. We also discuss how to set up Mocha for list testing your code, and hacking Twitch to let you link to a video recording before it's published. We also discuss guidelines for Hardhat.