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Episode #33—What happens when I get hacked?

Find out what to do when your NFT gets stolen and how to prevent scams in the crypto marketplace on this episode of Community Service Hour.


00:00 Intro
00:52 Field report, getting an NFT stolen
05:37 The sneaky setApprovalForAll
06:26 Take action: inform OpenSea
08:36 Compare to the real world
15:15 Crypto marketplace information sharing with government
15:47 How hard is OpenSea trying to prevent fraud?
16:56 Business idea: self custody wallet to avoid scams
21:03 Could the mods at OnChainMonkey have prevented this?
21:43 Business idea: Discord bot to hack everybody, to TEACH you
23:52 How can Discord prevent these scams?
25:17 Why Discord needs to be more vigilant than Twitter